Friday, November 14, 2008

me and Diego hangin out!

hey people i know i said this one would be on BYW but me and my BFFL are hangin out now,too important to pass up lol. We been on AIM all night long talkin to our BFFLs.We've been making sick-a-rific videos and pics that will blow up your privates!(straight, i promise)We're just watchin Family Matters, Home Improvement and most importantley George Lopez, and we're listening to Jason Mraz BOI!!We been eating popcorn, drinking tea, watching Smackdown! And we went bowling earlier today but we got banned from the place 2 TIMES!So we were pretty much being fags to the people that work at the place and they were PISSED! We are like so totally awesome so anyone who disagrees can HURT THEMSELVES! So obviously we just uploaded our amazing pics(arent they just gorgeous?) Diego is left, nick is right. So, bye peeps we out for now so l8er h8ters

Sunday, October 26, 2008

B-L-O-G numero dos

Recently, i have signed up to a new Right now, its so much more organized than the GBYWN forums...nothing against Cam, but he needs to patch up the forums a little.Sic Ric, the admin of the forums listed above,has appointed his moderators and set up the site almost perfectly,so congratulations to him for that.Ric has also had some great matches lately,and announced the super show Backyard Supremacy 1, which i will hopefully attend. Right now, NWW is one of the most successful backyard feds out there. I am happy to announce that, on January 1 2009, APAW will host it's first show, New Year's Nightmare.Well, lately Luke Bale has been dishing out nothing but hate towards people who are not the least bit deserving of it. For example, he has called Matt Knicks numerous names, and has said that Knicks is not deserving of the GBYWN world heavyweight championship,which we all know he is.My next blog will be based on the top BYW feds of today,so stay tuned!!

Dr. Phil is still superior to Oprah...I'm just saying

Sunday, October 19, 2008

my byw/general blog

well,this is my first blog so it probably won't be my best.this one will focus mainly on the
"general" it goes.

school is still boring,as always.I'm just starting to realize that the (used to) girl i like is a total creep.she said I'm a meanie (about 10,000 times).so,i don't really like anybody.Which means that me,my friend Taylor, and my friend Diego are basically the only people in school without dates to the Halloween dance.I know this blog was particularly short,but all great things must come to an end,haha just kidding.Well,the real reason its ending so soon is because i have absolutely nothing to write about,but this is still only blog number 1,and there is plenty more to come.

Dr.Phil is superior to Oprah...I'm just saying